Ekaterina Larsson


Ekaterina (or Katja) has many years of experience in Communications and PR. Fashion and Design are her all time passions and she strives to bring the most interesting stories to all of you fashionistas out there! Interviewing your favorite designers, browsing through prominent or up-and-coming fashion & design houses, she is constantly scouting the best of the best.



James Mattick

New York contributor

James Mattick is a British exile, writer and urban explorer currently living in Brooklyn New York. Ditching the UK’s tea drinking ways, James has ventured forth to the land of Brunch and Coffee, to add his own British twist to the American Dream. He will bring you the news about what is hot and what is not in NY city.

Irina Belan

Irina Belan


Irina Belan is an interior designer and journalist, who after 15 years in Moscow, now resides in Ukraine and writes for a few traditional magazines. She travels extensively to interior design exhibitions to bring you the news about the newest trends.


Ivan Belchev

Web designer

Ivan uses design as a way of expressing his thoughts and ideas, especially the concepts of beauty and elegance that he sees in the world.

Paidamwoyo Mangondo aka Paida


Originally from Zimbabwe, our dandy Paida has spent many years in the UK and South Africa. He is interested in music, fashion, travel and debating. Currently he resides in Stockholm, teaches Mathematics and is a debating coach. I would not argue with him if I were you, especially when it comes to best places to go to in Joburg!