Jean Paul Gautier makes a big come back at Paris Fashion Week SS24

Irish fashion designer Simone Rocha presented the haute couture collection for JPG at Paris Fashion week 2024. Her feminine but playful and provocative design continue Jean Paul Gautier's traditions but add a fresh twist to it.  She reimagines Gautier's iconic bras, corsets and sailor hats. See the images below and enjoy! Image: VOGUE Image: Dominic Maitre/ WWD Image: Dominic Maitre/ WWD, Estrop

Get inspired by Bottega Veneta’s trends for this autumn

We have seen the 2023 summer trends of crocheted dresses, the catsuit trend (Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour), see through clothes (the naked trend), even the pink trend, which accidentally (?) coincided with the release of the Barbie movie. Even I dusted up my pink outfit to go see the movie. So what are the trends for autumn winter 2023/ 2024? Although Bottega Veneta is mostly known for their beautiful intrecciato leather bags and purses, we also love their clothes. From bright red dresses with plunging neckline to shell-cut turtle  necks and layered fringe skirts, interesting cut tweed dresses and high signature woven leather boots, they offer something to everyone. What would you wear this fall? Photos: VOGUE






The Wondrous designs of Minni Havas

I went to see the Minni Havas exhibition Passion Fruit at the Finnish Inistitute in Stockholm during Stockholm Design Week without any expectations. I had seen a picture with the carpets Minni designed for the Finnish company Finarte but I still was not prepared for the whirlwind feast of colours that enveloped me in the exhibition hall. I walked around on my own for 10 minutes before the rest of the press representatives came in, just to immerse myself in Minni's world in peace and quiet. The colourful fruits on the carpets, the textiles with tiger cherries, they all caught my eye. I wanted to buy them all then and there - I know a great talent when I see one. Minni (b. 1983) grew up in an artistic family and became interested in art at quite a young age. She says:
I remember when I was 5-6 years old, I was holding my parents' catalogue of the Louvre and admiring all the beautiful paintings in it
She started doing beautiful illustrations and then expended to textiles. Minni graduated Aalto University in 2010 with a design major and has been designing textiles ever since for Finarte, Vimma Company and Maison Margiela (ss17 and aw17). I asked Minni a few questions: FS: Hey Minni, where do you get your inspiration from?
I always look at my surroundings and notice little details that stand out. Sometimes it’s a candy wrapping lying around my table or dying flowers on my way home through the park.
The spring light is illuminating places and things in a different way now and this also inspires me. I am constantly inspired by my fellow artists and their joy of creativity as well. FS: Which projects give you the most pleasure to work on?
I love to work with projects where I can create the whole concept. I like work that has depth and utilize different mediums. For example sculpture, light, sound and textileS, spacial aspects.
Working with the client is also important and it is best when we have a good and open communication. FS: What is your next project? What are you working on right now?
I will have an exhibition in Helsinki at gallery Kuvitus in May. I am working with several new drawings and paintings for that.
I warmly recommend checking out Minni's exhibition if you are in Stockholm or you can just head out to Minni's website.

  Photo: Ekaterina Larsson


  Photo: Minni Havas

  Photo: Minni Havas Photo: Maison Margiela

  Photo: Minni Havas


Resort 2023: Oscar de la Renta

In true Oscar de la Renta fashion Resort 2023 is in bloom, where we have flowers as appliqué,  cut-outs, buttons, handbags and the iconic mesh dress comes back. Makes you dream of your next exotic beach holiday! Enjoy!







                            Photos: Vogue

Carolina Hererra SS 2022

I have always loved Carolina Herrera! I love her feminine designs with billowing wide skirts and small waists! The Venezuela born designer herself says she is a happy woman who has a happy wife and that is definitely mirrored in her creations! After two years of COVID and a war in Ukraine we are all longing for some beauty in our lives and just things that make us happy! Think the Bridgerton series on Netflix - no wonder it was such a popular show with all its opulence after two very bleak years! Wes Gordon continues the Herrera tradition in the SS 2022 collection. Get inspired by the colourful floral dresses, oversized but tasteful jewelry, belts with big round buckles, oversized puffed arms and short checkered sequined skrits and blazers. The signature Carolina Herrera white shirt makes an appearance as well. Pay special attention to the black and white thick striped dress, it will surely make it into your wardrobe this summer in a more casual version!










  Photos: Carolina Herrera

Santa & Cole announces a new art collaboration

Santa  & Cole launched their new art collaboration in Sweden together with their representatives Dahl Agenturer. The collaboration is reproductions of classic original paintings in collaboration with the artists. The reproductions are of very high quality, which are identical in format to the original and open in number, thus multiplying the aesthetic experience without devaluing it in its reproduction. This is what they call Neoseries.
We love art and we are so excited to be able to offer a great choice of art, carefully chosen by our friends in Barcelona, Santa & Cole
says Linda Dahl who together with her brother Alexander runs Dahl Agenturer. They have been working with Santa & Cole and their lamps and furniture for 27 years and are their partner in Sweden and Finland. Andrea Cole says:
These art reproductions are more affordable than the originals. But the price of the artwork rises as more people are purchasing the reproductions so a higher number of reproductions  sold will not dilute the price, on the contrary.

   Merienda de confinamiento Miriam Dema 170x105 cm

  Clarorscuros Bea Sarrias 120x120 cm

Maria Nilsdotter launches the new collection Queen of Chaos

We love Maria Nilsdotter and her fairytale rock jewelry! Now she is launching the new collection Queen of Chaos inspired by the powerful but anti-heroine super villains stirring chaos in fiction. Check some of the designs here: 


   Photos: Johanna Nyholm
The campaign is photographed at the iconic amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm and the face of the campaign is the designer herself Maria Nilsdotter photographed by Johanna Nyholm

Milano Fashion Week Favorite collection: Fendi AW 2020

Fashion tends to repeat itself and it is not very often that we, in the fashion world, see something very innovative! But Fendi 2020 at Milano Fashion Week was! The theme was Female Liberation and even if you can see the military coat or suit with a feminine touch, you can also see the amazing details in the accessories! We loved:

  The charmed belts Textile, leather, thinner or thicker, the great part is that you can hang all kinds of little charms there!



  The puffed up sleeves  Whether on cable knitted pullovers or colorful leather dresses and shirts - they really raise the whole outfit!



  The gartered shoes  Very sexy play with garters on the pumps!


  The sunglasses As always, great sunnies at Fendi!


  The bags Smaller clutches, milk cartons, bigger and padded - lovely bags!






  Scarves Scarves flowing in the back - such a nice touch!


  Flipped headband The hair accessories in the back! Like your usual headband....only on the back of your head! We love it!


  Images: VOGUE

YSL Spring 2020 at Paris Fashion Week

We loved YSL Spring 2020 Ready to Wear at Paris Fashion Week! Bohemian style with flowing skirts, gold and embroideries - perfect!





  Images: VOGUE

Congratulations Bolon for 70 years of sustainable design products!

It is Stockholm Design Week and I am going to the different design studios to discover what is new. At Bolon I discovered they are celebrating 70 years this year! The company was started in 1949 by Nils-Erik Eklund who incorporated sustainability from the very beginning - using textile waste to produce rag rugs and awnings for RVs and campers. Today the company focuses on floors and rugs, continuing with  the sustainability and ethical practice.  The new floor collection, Diversity, celebrates variety, commitment and inspiration. Carmencita Lundsten, who showed me around Bolon Lab shared with me that Armani stores use Bolon's floors. Way to go Bolon!





  Images above: Ekaterina Larsson

  Images above: BOLON