Milano Fashion Week Favorite collection: Fendi AW 2020

By Ekaterina Larsson

Fashion tends to repeat itself and it is not very often that we, in the fashion world, see something very innovative! But Fendi 2020 at Milano Fashion Week was! The theme was Female Liberation and even if you can see the military coat or suit with a feminine touch, you can also see the amazing details in the accessories! We loved:


The charmed belts

Textile, leather, thinner or thicker, the great part is that you can hang all kinds of little charms there!




The puffed up sleeves 

Whether on cable knitted pullovers or colorful leather dresses and shirts – they really raise the whole outfit!




The gartered shoes 

Very sexy play with garters on the pumps!



The sunglasses

As always, great sunnies at Fendi!



The bags

Smaller clutches, milk cartons, bigger and padded – lovely bags!








Scarves flowing in the back – such a nice touch!



Flipped headband

The hair accessories in the back! Like your usual headband….only on the back of your head! We love it!



Images: VOGUE


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