Is this the end of Stockholm Fashion Week?

Is this the end of Stockholm Fashion Week?
By Ekaterina Larsson

Is this the end of Stockholm Fashion Week? I heard some fellow writers say they were disappointed with this year’s Stockholm Fashion Week SS18. It is true that the week was kind of late this year, the important journalists and bloggers were not there for the whole week, some super talented designers such as Altewai Saome did not show. But I was happy!

I always look forward to Stockholm Fashion Week but unfortunately this year I was super busy with other projects as well. However, I found the time to review the best of the best Swedish designers for you and give you the sum up here.

So here are my Top 8 Highlights of Stockholm Fashion Week SS18. Enjoy!

1. Ida Sjöstedt – Ida Sjöstedt is my super favorite designer! We actually did not expect she would show this year as she just gave birth to a baby three months ago! But she did deliver – wonderful fairytale creations! And she was there at Fashion Week with the baby. We love you Ida!


2. Emelie Janrell Emelie is a relative newcomer to the Stockholm Fashion scene. However, she managed to wow the fashion crowd this year with bold red and some metallic shine in feminine flowing creations plus tasteful see through blouses. Thumbs up Emelie!



3. Diana OrvingDiana always manages to surprise! Her designs are still these beautiful flowing silk dresses, with the addition of lovely charcoal glitter applications this year and a touch of royal red. But it was the show itself that held the allure – musicians on the cat walk, lining up the models on the staircase at the Grand Hotel Mirror Hall at the end of the show – just priceless!



4. AMA AWE at Swedish Fashion Talents show – I am a fan of Amanda Andersson aka AMA AWE from last year, and this year she did not disappoint either! Enjoy her colourful fantastic, out of this world creations!



5. STAND – I have followed STAND since Stockholm Fashion Week in 2015 when they first showed a few models with pastel leather clothing, standing on podiums at Bukowskis auction house in Stockholm. This year the brands has evolved to include some statement fur coats as well. We need to buy those!



6. Dyson Styling LoungeDyson had a Styling Lounge for us at the Grand Hotel this year, which made me super happy! I did not have time with my super hectic schedule that week to do my hair but Dyson and Rebecca Wallin saved the day! Plus their blow-dryers use 50% less heat – my next purchase of course!



7. 90s Closing organized a great closing party with a super interesting set-up and super fun! See for yourself from the pictures!



8. Chatting with the photographers – I chatted with Daniel Bruno Grandl aka The Urban Spotter, who is an amazing Street Style photographer (and super famous!) and then with Michael Campanella who is a super talented photographer for Getty Images.

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