Artek’s new collection for Stockholm Design Week

By Ekaterina Larsson

Stockholm Fashion Week has barely ended and now I am off to Stockholm Design Week! So far I have had a few “Wow!” moments and one of them is Artek‘s presentation of their new collection designed by Daniel Rybakken, a young Norwegian designer. One is called Kiila, coat stands and coat racks for the hallway. The other one is 124°, wall mounted mirrors set at 124° to each other creating an unexpected dual-aspect reflection of the surrounding space.  I loved playing around there, checking out the different reflections as the mirrors were turning around! For those of you who do not know – Artek is a Finnish company that has produced design pieces for more than 80 years. Enjoy!





® Images by Artek


Playful design at Frank Form

Playful design at Frank Form Popular

Recently I stopped by Frank Form shop in Stockholm. I loved the playful design of all the pieces there and