Top 10 Stockholm Fashion Week AW17

Top 10 Stockholm Fashion Week AW17
By Ekaterina Larsson

Stockholm Fashion Week AW17 came and went in three days of shows, parties and some pizza from 7/11. OK, scratch the last part, but sometimes we have to be very creative in finding food while running from one event to another. This time Carin Rodebjer did not serve vagina shaped food to the guests but a few highlights happened during Fashion Week. Here are my Top 10:

Naim Josefi’s Swedish steel plated dresses.

This young Swedish designer has been making interesting pieces for a while now. For fashion week he cooperated with Swedish Steel and used little steel plates instead of sequins on see through dresses. Feminine and tough at the same time!



2. Valerie’s lamé/ velvet/ dress combination plus the long earrings.

I have followed Vallerie for a few seasons now. I like her style but it is not one and the same – she manages to surprise as well. So her AW17 collection is feminine and rock combined with comfort – totally my kind of combo!



3. Hargreaves jewelry.

You wish to have a little rabbit engraved on your golden ring or a home grown diamond place there? Hargreaves jewelry has you covered!



4. ATP Atelier AW17 presentation.

Invited for an afternoon tea with layered cakes? No, problem, you can layer your stylish leather shoes on the top of the table! Ok, I am joking. But a clever idea for an ATP Atelier presentation. Fresh, young and with a disregard to the establishment!



5. Beckman’s College of Design AW17 fashion show.

I get so inspired by students! They are not mangled by the establishment yet! So my favorites this year were two students. The first one is Josephine Johnzon for WHYRED. You want to have your bag chained to your neck? Yes, it is possible! Feminine, a bit kinky, combined with rougher materials and alternative construction. 30s Hollywood glamour merged with the raw feeling of brutalist architecture.



6. One more student from Beckman’s.

My second favorite designer from Beckman’s is Linchao Zhang for 2NDDAY. With contrasting of colors and asymmetrical shapes,  her collection focuses on creating an authentic world in numerous layers. Loved it!



7. Hanging out with Janka Polliani.

Love Janka Polliani and her style!  She is a Norwegian blogger, was a judge on Scandinavia’s Top Model in the fall and was chosen best blogger in Norway. However, this is only one aspect of why I like her. The other aspect is that as a curvy mother of two, she proves that you can be terribly stylish without being terribly skinny. Move over Carrie Bradshaw!



8. Street style design – HIONLIFE.

RMH SPACE organized an alternative scene during Stockholm Fashion Week this year, representing young, creative street style designers. Malin Busck makes her clothes in Accra, Ghana, and sources whatever material is available on the local market. Cool prints and some lettering make for an interesting combination. Psst, Erykah Badu has three pieces of HIONLIFE garments already!



9. The parties.

Only because a Swedish female model found ME amazing! I am so humbled by the experience (NOT!)



10. My picture in ELLE Sweden 

I am totally not a peacock but it is kind of cool I made it into ELLE Sweden magazine with my partner in crime NY stylist Richard Leer Pearsall. Yes!

© Images by Stockholm Fashion Week, ELLE Sweden, Hargreaves Stockholm and HIONLIFE


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