New Year’s Resolutions

By Ekaterina Larsson

Come January the gyms are full of people who are determined to lose weight, look better, feel better and be healthier. Come February –  only 50% of these same people are still coming to the gym. So what goes wrong? I guess life just comes in the way. According to Statistic Brain only 9.2% of Americans achieve their NYR. But do not discourage! I believe you just have to decide on a realistic and achievable goal at any time during the year and just keep pursuing it! Hey, there are even apps now to help you keep your eyes on the prize! Plus I think it is also very important to choose the type of work out that you really, really enjoy. Be it biking or jogging to work, boxing, squash or some good old weightlifting. For me that pleasurable work out is yoga.


So as I am sitting on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria, I am enjoying every asana of the yoga I am doing. A yoga class I discovered towards the end of our stay here. I have enjoyed doing yoga for many years and sure, I would like to do it more often. I would love to even become a certified yoga instructor but I will need to do 100 hours of yoga before that. Will I make those hours this year? I will surely try! Check up with me in December 2017 again. And good luck with your New Year’s resolution!



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