Four top places to spot the fashion crowd during Stockholm Fashion Week

Four top places to spot the fashion crowd during Stockholm Fashion Week
By Ekaterina Larsson

With Stockholm Fashion Week approaching, the Nordic fashion elite is getting excited, as are all the Stockholmers and fashion fans in general. So where do you get a glimpse of all that glitz and glamour if you are not among the selected few who get invited to the shows and the parties? No worries, I can let you in on this little secret.

The first and most obvious place is Berns where most of the fashion shows take place. In between the shows the fashion crowd hangs outside, let themselves be photographed or just sits inside Berns Asiatiska for a meal or Berns Bistro & Bar for a coffee. I met a few male models and designers in that cafe on Stockholm Fashion Week one early (10 am) morning.

© Image by Berns

Another popular place for models and fashion writers on a break during Fashion Week is the coffee place at Nobis hotel. Sip a nice cup of tea in the lounge there and enjoy the view. Normally a very glamorous one! Plus they have lovely 25 meter high ceilings and modern furniture inside this grand 19th-century former residential apartment building.


© Image by Nobis

The little bar at Riche is another popular place during that time for a drink or a dinner. I love that place very much  – it is one of my favorite hangouts in Stockholm. But during Stockholm Fashion Week you can see ladies adorned with beautiful hats sipping champagne there and enjoying some moules marinières.


© Image by Riche

Kulturhuset (The Culture House) hosts some of the shows and even has an area open to the general public displaying some of the garments from Beckmans College of Design and Swedish Fashion Talents. Look for the signs there that say “Stockholm Fashion Week” to find the side entrance leading to the displays. Otherwise you can see one or two art exhibitions there which are (sometimes) free of charge.


© Image by Kulturhuset


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