Being Nicola Formichetti

Being Nicola Formichetti
By Ekaterina Larsson

So who is Nicola Formichetti? Remember Lady Gaga’s meat dress? Nicola styled her that way.  Have you seen the AW2016 campaign “For Successful Living 2.0” for Diesel? Nicola did that. A very impactful and cheeky campaign, offering 50 advices with a strong point of view. If you have not done so before, check it out and pick your favorite advice! Mine is #3: Make yourself heard!




So yes, Nicola Formichetti is nothing short of a wonder child! By the age of 39 the Italian-Japanese Fashion Director/ Art Director has managed to achieve many things, including working as an Artistic Director for Mugler, Fashion Director for Vogue Homme Japan and since 2015 – Artistic Director for Diesel. Nicola also won the Isabella Blow Award in 2010, part of the British Fashion Awards for Fashion Creator of the year. Quite an impressive CV!


Altuzarra SS16


As I browsed through the the Spring Summer 2017 Diesel collection at Ibeyo Studio in Stockholm recently, I started chatting with Ingvild Bergsaker – PR responsible for Diesel Norway and Sweden. Discussing the new collection, we started talking about Nicola Formichetti.

I said to her, ”My fashion savvy audience would love to read an interview with this amazing man!” Ingvild managed to find some precious available time in Nicola’s schedule so he could answer my own cheeky questions.

Hello Nicola, what an interesting life you have had! Did you know what you wanted to become when you were little?

I wanted to be a pilot like my dad when I was little but always had a secret obsession with fashion, art and architecture. 

You have worked different jobs – styling, fashion director, creative director for magazines, designer for brands. Which one did you enjoy the most?

I have to say Diesel! I get to do everything I have done with previous jobs but also work from different angles at this global company: social media, marketing, design. It is all very exciting!

I am curious about your experience at Mugler fashion house back in 2010. How was it? I know you were apprehensive before you took that job, which I can understand, it is such a big task!

 I’m really glad I took the job with Mugler, I learned so much about French style! I also had access to such an amazing archive & helped modernize it.



How would you describe your style when you design? One journalist described it as “cool, edgy style that combines futuristic, street inspired Manga influences with decadent couture”.

 Sounds about right. But I would describe my style more as a Free Spirit one; a mix between hi & low, West & East.

You say that your collaboration with Lady Gaga was “instant love”. Why?

It all happened very organically & instantly when we first met. Our rapport didn’t feel forced, just natural. So yes, it was an instant love.



At some point you were labeled ”the most influential stylist in the world”. How did that make you feel?

I’m really thankful, of course, but I feel like I have lots to improve. There is so much more I want to do in fashion and other fields!

Tell us about your cooperation with Diesel then. Are you doing any designing there?

Half of my time at Diesel is spent designing. It’s the most fun that I have there. I spend 6 months per year collaborating for other countries.

What can we expect from the SS2017 Diesel collection?

Our Spring Summer 2017 Collection is about tropical mood and inspired by the soft color palette of Miami.



Do you get inspired from Scandinavian fashion? If yes, what specifically?

Yes, I do get inspired by Scandinavian fashion – I love the minimalist style and play on proportions. Very smart!

If you never went to London, what do you think you would be doing right now?

I would have probably gone to Italy to study music and become a concert pianist.

 Yes, I have heard you play, you post videos on your Instagram account. And you are quite good! Last question – what do you normally like to wear?

My style is very simple: same pieces (mainly hoodies, tees, jeans) mostly black. I like styling other people and not myself.



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