New Year’s Resolutions

Come January the gyms are full of people who are determined to lose weight, look better, feel better and be healthier. Come February -  only 50% of these same people are still coming to the gym. So what goes wrong? I guess life just comes in the way. According to Statistic Brain only 9.2% of Americans achieve their NYR. But do not discourage! I believe you just have to decide on a realistic and achievable goal at any time during the year and just keep pursuing it! Hey, there are even apps now to help you keep your eyes on the prize! Plus I think it is also very important to choose the type of work out that you really, really enjoy. Be it biking or jogging to work, boxing, squash or some good old weightlifting. For me that pleasurable work out is yoga.

  So as I am sitting on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria, I am enjoying every asana of the yoga I am doing. A yoga class I discovered towards the end of our stay here. I have enjoyed doing yoga for many years and sure, I would like to do it more often. I would love to even become a certified yoga instructor but I will need to do 100 hours of yoga before that. Will I make those hours this year? I will surely try! Check up with me in December 2017 again. And good luck with your New Year’s resolution!


  ® Image by Pinterest

Winter fables

As Christmas approaches I am always happy about the Christmas parties with friends or colleagues. I enjoy putting on a fabulous dress and toasting with a glass of bubbly. However, I believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year... for kids. That magic time when they get excited, believe in Santa and fairy tales! I get excited as well with my 5 year old daughter and enter the land of fables with her. And what better way to immerse yourself in all that magic than with the appropriate attire? Princess dresses for the girls, top hats and vests for the boys. The Swedish brand LIVLY is my favorite for such holidays - very magical and costs a tad less than the haute couture ones. Shall we go chase the white rabbit? Enter with me!:)










  Photo by LIVLY



  Photo by LIVLY

  © Images by LIVLY

Christmas sparkle

I do not know about you but I am getting into a Christmas mood! And with all those Christmas parties coming up, I am ditching the little black dress and adding up a dash of sparkle to my outfit! Like this ensemble from Chloe - a nice mix of soft, feminine and cool!:) chloe

  © Image by VOGUE

Velvet Inspiration

Our stylist friend Beatrice Trodden gives us some velvet inspiration as this seasons most luxurious look is invoked by smooth velvet textures in moody hues of bottle green, rusty red and brown. Lighten it up with a touch of pink or mix with contrasting materials like silk and velvet for modern look with depth. Surely you don't need more convincing? Just go for it – I know I will. You can follow Beatrice for some daily inspiration on her Instagram @beatricetrodden


  © Image by Beatrice Trodden

Playful design at Frank Form Popular

Recently I stopped by Frank Form shop in Stockholm. I loved the playful design of all the pieces there and that each piece has its own beautiful story. My favorite? The felt hat lamp! Oh and if you are wondering who Frank is, well, no one. I chatted with the sales assistant there and she told me that the store is called Frank as in “frankly”, i.e. real and honest. Well, cheers to a real and honest home design store!

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  © Images by Ekaterina Larsson