Free Your Animal! Maison & Objet 2017 Design Trends

Free Your Animal! Maison & Objet 2017 Design Trends
By Irina Belan

Maison & Object exhibition declares the main trends in the interior and furniture design twice a year, every year. The first one this year was in Paris Nord Villepinte. The bravest predictions about the trends for the new season faded in comparison with what the visitors witnessed. It was a real feast of colors and forms! So what is hot this spring in interior design? Here are my top five design trends for 2017.

Animal Kingdom

From porcelain rabbits with collars at ABHIKA and animal shaped furniture at Ibride Design to Monkey and Mouse lamps (Seletti) – the rule of the animals was declared! And they were not just your ordinary kittens and dogs! Spiders, bugs, hippos, monkeys, pandas, and flamingos occupied the exhibition hall. And when something more ordinary, such as a mouse, caught your eye, it was interpreted in an extraordinary manner.

Animal Kingdom Design Trend

Simplicity of Forms & Craftsmanship

The simplicity of forms ruled in ceramics. The products in that category resembled much the antique ones being found in the ruins of the disappeared cities. Oval, round or sometimes cubic – the outlines did not vary too much from the simple standard forms. The furniture pieces though looked as if they were carefully crafted. A very skillful production combined with simplified original forms. Look at the bubble candle holder from Byfly, for example, and the very Zen GRAFITE chairs design from Ibride!

Simplicity of Forms Design Trend

Copper and Rose Gold

Fans of copper and rose gold can be satisfied! Copper occupied the top position among the trendy materials used as well as mat steel, gold and bronze. In a home they can look antique and give your interior a bit of historical flavor. Have a look at these fun Omini bowls and Butterfly coat rack from Ghidini 1961, plus Empire vase from Byfly for example.

Copper Gold Design Trend


Natural colors, bright ones or dusty – everything is possible this season! You can choose natural shades as the references to the Scandinavian style or the dusty blue, green and pink, which are extremely popular now or make the choice to the side of the real color luxury – the most important is to use just one of these color trends, to follow it logically and to realize it in the most delicate way. Combining a red carpet from Frank Gehry with, perhaps, light wood furniture and copper suspended lamps?

Natural Colors Trend 2017


Greenery however prevailed. From green furniture of luxury Italian brand Rubelli to Jewel beetles shields from Thailand at Objet de Curiosite´, this spring color is interpreted beautifully!

Greenery Design Trend


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